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Unfinished Plank Flooring Options


Eastern White Pine
The most commonly sought out wide plank flooring over hundreds of years has been Eastern White Pine. The planks are sawn out of large timbers grown native to New England. Selectively harvested forests produce trees of old growth timber which yields a beautiful floor. Eastern White Pine flooring has unique grain pattern and knot structure which make it a floor full of character. There are endless ways to change appearance with finish.

Heart Pine Flooring Heart Pine comes from the center of a long leaf heart pine tree. This flooring option can range from shades of bright burgundy to rich, pumpkin-orange. Along with its unique beauty, Heart Pine Flooring is known to be extremely stable with relative hardness.


American Ash Ash is a hard, durable wood known for its interesting grain patterns and color variation. This wood takes on many different stain colors to change appearances for a desired look. Given it’s hardness and ability to change look with stain, it is a very desired wood. massachusetts

Birch Birch is a unique floor that features different grain and color variation. You will find red and light blonde coloring with grain swirls which give this floor a lot of character.

Cherry Cherry has a long history of being used for flooring and interior woodwork. Cherry is unique in that it’s color become richer over time, more so than other hardwoods. The combination of sapwood and heartwood give the flooring unique color variation between reds and blondes.

Hickory Hickory is tough and beautiful, leading it to be known as the premier choice in hardwood flooring. There are many options with a Hickory floor, such as grading the floor to create less variation or to use a stain to create a more consistent color tone. The lighter sapwood and darker heartwood give the floor tremendous color variation. It is known to be the hardest North American Hardwood making it just as durable as it is beautiful.

Red Oak Red Oak sometimes is thought of thought as your basic, simple hardwood floor. Red oak can be selected in either a rustic or a select grade. Our character grade red oak has a very country look especially when selected in wider planks. Northern red oak has a beautiful non consistent grain look and plenty of heartwood.


Walnut Walnut is one of our more popular and sought out floors. It has amazing color variation when heartwood and sapwood are blended together producing dark browns and auburn color with contrasting lighter sapwood. If desired, floors yielding primarily heartwood can be selected giving it a more consistent dark color look. Walnut also takes on stain very well and you can be quite creative making the wood take on a different look.

White Oak A hard, strong wood with rich brown coloring and varying grain pattern. White oak is a closed cell wood which allows for no water to penetrate itself. This is why white oak is chosen for whiskey barrels as opposed to red oak which has an open grain. White oak is available in a clean select grade and also a rustic grade.

Rift & Quarter White Oak The planks are cut at a 90 degree angle from the center of the tree. This produces grain that runs vertical through the plank. Rift and quartered is sought out quite commonly for radiant heat applications. The wood being a natural product will slightly “move” as the seasons change and the idea is twood flooringhe wood will move vertically with the grain pattern as opposed to horizontally allowing for no gaps between the planks. The planks will show ray flecks across some of the quartered boards which give it a unique look.

Reclaimed Oak, also known as Antique Oak Reclaimed oak has a very rich unique look. The planks have a variety of color variation, nail holes, knot structure and texture. The material is primarily sawn out of old barn timbers. During this process, the outside portions of the timber yield darker colored wood as a result of being exposed to light, weather and other factors which darken the wood. The interior portions of the timber yield a lighter more consistent look.

Reclaimed Heart Pine, also known as Antique Heart Pine,
Reclaimed heart pine has a variety of warm and rich colors within each plank. This material is mostly sawn from long leaf heart pine timbers which have been reclaimed out of old mill and factory buildings primarily in New England. These old growth timbers produce beautiful planks which have a patina that cannot be duplicated. The planks have a variety of different characteristics from nail holes, bolt holes, checks, splits, and knot structure. Many different grades can be custom pulled to be run into your flooring order.
specialty lumber
Douglas Fir Douglas Fir trees grow to unbelievable heights in the Pacific Northwest and produce high quality lumber with a fine consistent grain and stability.
With age, you will see your Douglas Fir floor go from a light cherry to a deep copper and cranberry tone with highlights of golden ginger.

Southern Yellow Pine Harder and more durable than the white pine from New England. Southern Yellow Pine has a more consistent “clean” look. A select and character grade can be selected for your application. 


We specialize in locating hard to find specialty wood products.

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